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The world first platform to reward investors and traders build on real projects mission

Btc30minutes is one of the most transformative technologies since the invention of the digital currency. Btc30minutes stands firmly in support of financial freedom and the liberty that Bitcoin provides globally for anyone to voluntarily participate in a permissionless and decentralized network.



The use of cryptocurrencies has become more widespread, The origin platform idea. Development of the concept and business plan.


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Iskandarshah Jan 15,2020 USD100
Iskandarshah Jan 15,2020 USD100
zurn74 Dec 27,2019 USD100
farafaeyana Dec 15,2019 USD10
ikwanshafierul04 Dec 15,2019 USD10
amin24meharat Dec 12,2019 USD10
crocfadzli Dec 12,2019 USD10
aqilaidid83 Dec 12,2019 USD10
alamin01 Oct 29,2019 USD10
abeop17 Oct 26,2019 USD20
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Name Date Amount
amiruddin147 Oct 25,2019 USD20
9w2als Oct 23,2019 USD500
Redgirl4 Oct 22,2019 USD500
Redgirl3 Oct 22,2019 USD500
jamie63 Oct 20,2019 USD10
anahmad769 Oct 16,2019 USD500
mohamadkamarul4520 Oct 16,2019 USD10
Shieny91 Oct 15,2019 USD100
Iwan91 Oct 15,2019 USD100
jagamalam Oct 14,2019 USD10
mizi3886 Oct 14,2019 USD100
Syahidah1992 Oct 13,2019 USD100
Zamie Oct 12,2019 USD100
kliq23 Oct 11,2019 USD10
aizat Oct 11,2019 USD10
Zarieya Oct 11,2019 USD100
nikdin671 Oct 11,2019 USD1000
Marine Oct 10,2019 USD50
khairolnizam1063 Oct 10,2019 USD500
ROSLANJR Oct 10,2019 USD100
nikdin67 Oct 10,2019 USD100
ROSLANJR Oct 10,2019 USD10
abuanas Oct 10,2019 USD500
Rossiah Oct 09,2019 USD10
tokrich313 Oct 08,2019 USD10
TokRich Oct 08,2019 USD50
wafaa1 Oct 08,2019 USD50
Rahim Oct 08,2019 USD100
Zulmurni Oct 08,2019 USD500
syakhir92 Oct 07,2019 USD100
dennizainudin Oct 07,2019 USD10
[email protected] Oct 07,2019 USD500
A6m7s93 Oct 07,2019 USD10
langetah Oct 05,2019 USD100
khirrulamali Oct 05,2019 USD100
abdlhafiz Oct 05,2019 USD10
nuyie83 Oct 05,2019 USD10
FaridSabi10 Oct 04,2019 USD500
Hagaru Oct 04,2019 USD100
abudioh Oct 03,2019 USD100
amatazmi98 Oct 02,2019 USD100
norainon67 Oct 02,2019 USD100
cikani1979 Oct 02,2019 USD10
latifah Oct 02,2019 USD500
Aiman Oct 02,2019 USD10
yusan1970 Oct 02,2019 USD100
azby77 Oct 02,2019 USD10
shukri57 Oct 02,2019 USD100
Samsai96 Oct 02,2019 USD10
AmirulNaqiu Oct 02,2019 USD50

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Name Date Amount
nuarkamal Oct 11,2019 USD150
awanghafiz1990 Oct 11,2019 USD150
Bo55ku Oct 11,2019 USD150
kent659 Oct 11,2019 USD150
ruslan02 Oct 11,2019 USD150
Wanted2Murder Oct 11,2019 USD150
HardyRocket303 Oct 11,2019 USD150
Terry05 Oct 11,2019 USD150
Redgirl2 Oct 11,2019 USD150
Chenko4 Oct 11,2019 USD150
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Name Date Amount
dma700904 Oct 11,2019 USD150
Karnail30 Oct 11,2019 USD150
handira Oct 11,2019 USD150
Redgirl Oct 11,2019 USD150
munarich1262 Oct 11,2019 USD150
Wanted2Murder Oct 09,2019 USD150
ruslan Oct 09,2019 USD150
HardyRocket30 Oct 09,2019 USD150
Terry05 Oct 09,2019 USD150
Redgirl5 Oct 09,2019 USD150
Ita30M Oct 09,2019 USD150
Redgirl2 Oct 09,2019 USD150
Mzbtc57 Oct 09,2019 USD150
Karnail30 Oct 09,2019 USD150
dma700904 Oct 09,2019 USD150
handira Oct 09,2019 USD150
Redgirl Oct 09,2019 USD150
Chenko4 Oct 09,2019 USD150
TokRich Oct 09,2019 USD150
Chenko Oct 09,2019 USD150
tokrich6523c Oct 09,2019 USD150
Zamzuri Oct 09,2019 USD150
munarich1262 Oct 09,2019 USD150
javaheir Oct 09,2019 USD150
nashmokhtar1 Oct 09,2019 USD150
Bo55ku Oct 07,2019 USD150
HardyRocket303 Oct 07,2019 USD150
Bo55ku Oct 07,2019 USD150
rayyan04 Oct 07,2019 USD150
rayyan03 Oct 07,2019 USD150
tokrich6523c Oct 07,2019 USD150
tokrich6523c Oct 07,2019 USD150
rayyan02 Oct 07,2019 USD150
HardyRocket333 Oct 07,2019 USD150
rayyan01 Oct 07,2019 USD150
tokrich6523a Oct 07,2019 USD150
Masterfounder Oct 07,2019 USD150
Masterfounder Oct 07,2019 USD150
arethif Oct 07,2019 USD150
arethif Oct 07,2019 USD150
ruslan Sep 12,2019 USD150
jannah02 Sep 12,2019 USD150
handira Sep 12,2019 USD150
sophian87 Sep 12,2019 USD150
nashmokhtar1 Sep 12,2019 USD150
nashmokhtar1 Sep 12,2019 USD150
champion81 Sep 12,2019 USD150
Redgirl Sep 12,2019 USD150
rudy3646 Sep 12,2019 USD150
ajmair79 Sep 12,2019 USD150

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Pay attention that you need to be an active investor in order to obtain referral commission. This is very important point, because you can't advise your friends or partners to work with Btc30minutes if you haven't try our service.
Affiliate bonus will be paid to your account balance as soon as your referral processes his deposit from external processor. Anyway if it its too long waiting. please contact our support service and we will check your issue.
Your request will be processed within 24 hours. We do everything possible to reduce awaiting time of our clients.
Yes, sure you may have as many deposits as you want.

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